An Imitation of My Favorite Poem - Timing

My favorite poem is Ecclesiastes 3: 1 - 8. It’s a beautiful piece about timing and how in some sense, one rule doesn’t apply to all conditions in life.

For example, take this rule: I never want to be angry at someone. This could be true for 98% of all instances in a social setting. But if there’s something that deeply disturbs me, then I might have to yell at someone and fight for what I believe is inherent to my character and be angry. Or I won’t be able to sleep at night with my decision. Situation like this requires you to be tactful, and understand that there’s a time for everything.

Imitation is the surest form of flattery. I rewrote this for me! Taking into my style of writing and my opposites for the timings.

Alas, here it is.

Time for Things

There is a time for everything,

And also for nothing.

a time to tweet and a time to sing,

a time to startup and a time to bankrupt,

a time to fight to your heart’s content and a time to simply say sorry,

a time to create and a time to delete,

a time to shed tears and a time to troll,

a time to lend your shoulder and a time to give a cold one,

a time to send off your friends and a time to see them again.

a time to engage and a time to flee,

a time to search for the one and a time to give that up, because you’ve found them!

a time to keep your dying phone and a time to chug it,

a time to disassemble and a time to duct tape,

a time to be silent and a time to speak,

a time to be blind and a time to call out,

a time for hoard and a time to give it all away.

Timing is everything.

So time things carefully.