Here are a couple of projects I’m working on:

Traffic Sign Detection using Neural Nets

I’ve been working on using transfer learning to detect traffic signs. The LiSA Traffic sign dataset is messy. I’ve had to jump a lot of hoops on this one(messy/unclean data, mislabeled data, Linux crashing because 3.5 GB of VRAM isn’t enough, Keras 2.2.0 bug, and so on…). Also end up being stuck in configuration hell for a while. As of the end of January, this is where I’m at:


This is a small program I’m working on trying to keep track of directory changes.

Source code:


I’m a big fan of reddit r/buildapcsales. Some of the deals on there are insane. I wanted to build an automated system to get text messages based on a certain trigger. Currently, I’ve gotten all the database schema, have the automated trigger working using Textbelt, a Docker image( with all the dependencies setup.


It’s super annoying to copy and paste back and forth when you override your copy buffer. So I’ve made a program to stop this using a framework called Electron. Gist of it is that you can copy using ctrl-1 to store to ctrl-1 if you hold it for more than a couple of seconds. If you immediately release, then you paste the contents of your buffer immediately. You can also hold down the mouse button to bring a pop-up up to start cycling through your past buffers.

Sadly, cross-platform development isn’t as easy as you think =(. there’s a lot of gotchas, and you still have to do some tweaking to make it work on different platforms. Imagine my surprise when I tried to build this to Windows, then run it. Needless to say, I welcomed with a freeze and command line failure.

Andddd when you run this, it brings up another instance of Chrome runtime instead of sharing the instance with your Chrome instance. There’s no sharing of the background process or communication between the processes.

Anyhoo, the super-alpha dmg is available here

Demo Link

Github WARNING: It’s usable, but I provide no promises in terms of stability.