2019 Q4 Goal Checkin

I set some New Year’s goals and damn it’s Q4.

  1. Weight - to get to 160 lbs: I’m tweaking this goal to 165 lbs. Hmm. Have to take into account muscle mass right?! I’m thinking of changing my strat on this one. I think I should have a checkin or something to be more aware of my progress during the day. Paul Graham has this great sentence: You make what you measure.
  2. Multiplayer browser game: I learned Unity in the beginning of the year and was working towards this goal. But every time I develop anything in Unity with my MacBook Pro, it freaks out. Things keep freezing and slowing down. I get triggered by this. But now? I should have my desktop PC setup so things will be silky smooth! I will make that multi-player game before the end of the year.
  3. Learn Japanese: Nowhere near being close. My friend in Japan said to focus on learning to read as quickly as possible, and to focus on reading visual novels. Hmm. I am taking a 2nd level Japanese class, so I have to cram as much as possible this month and go through a first level workbook. I think I can do this! Woo!
  4. Meditation twice a week: Been nailing this one. I do it almost daily. Aim for almost 30 minutes. The whole topic needs a separate blog post, but I highly recommend it. It’s not some stupid fad. My dad has been encouraging this since 2009 and I’ve finally had enough discipline to be consistent at it. It’s made a world of difference.
  5. Books - read 25: I finished 9 books. Feel like 3 are almost done but have not been picked up yet. I’m reading another 3 in parallel but they’re in the early stages. I’m not rushing to finish books. I’m just enjoying the process as well. But it’s nice to have a goal that you want to go through. What I love about books is that the information content(if it’s a good book) is so dense. With physical books, you can highlight passages you love, write in margins. I always sign my books at the back with location and date when I finish, with one sentence summary of my thoughts. It’s the process of making that copy of the book yours.

In conclusion, I have a LOT of pieces to maneuver to fit this in before the end of the year. I’m more of a Q4 kind of guy. All the good things in football happen in Q4! So I’ll hustle and get it done. Do or do not. there is no try! XD.