Hustler on the Subway

Interesting stuff always happens on the New York Subway.

I saw this kid - maybe a middle schooler selling fruit snacks on the train. He went around the cart saying,

“Excuse me everyone. I have something to say. I’m an honest man trying to make a living. I’m not here to get your money to do drugs or anything like that it. I’m fundraising for <something I can’t remember>. Two fruit snacks for a dollar.”

It made me smile. He went around asking the cart if anyone would like fruit snacks. He wasn’t just standing there - he was actively looking for new customers.What a boss.

I wanted to buy one, but I didn’t have cash on me =(. Nothing. Nada.

When I see things like this, I wonder how much this potential this kid has - he’s doing something that other kids, even adults like me have a hard time doing. He’s also putting his own spin on it instead of just saying fruit snacks for a dollar. He’ll definitely be really successful if he gets the right mentorship and nurturing. There’s so much potential in kids like this. And fortune favors the bold. I could learn from him, and man, if I was a teacher I’d want an awesome student like him.

Originally drafted May 12, 2019.