Rearchitecting Game of Thrones from the Finale

I watched the Game of Thrones finale, and I was very happy. That this season is finally over. I can move on by doing better things with the extra hour that I now have on Sundays. Honestly, the only scene that is worthwhile in the entire hour long episode was when I got to see Ghost again. Awww. It would be so nice to pet his fur…

What are the writer’s thinking? Do they even have a basic sense of what makes people tick? The best part of Game of Thrones for me was that the character motivations seem so real, or human. That was missing this season.

One of my friends said we need a Game of Thrones: Brotherhood. I agree. We need to start from season 7 and rebuild.

I hope that one day, we will have amazing AI systems and movie making tools. With pure software, maybe we can replicate all the actors and scenes to give Game of Thrones a proper ending.

I’m an idealist. My favorite movies are movies that teach us a lesson about humanity, or give us some message to chew on. Earnest Hemingway said something in the lines of, “To start any good writing, you simply need to start one with true sentence.” What can we say about the ending of Game of Thrones? What is a good true sentence for the series? Expect the unexpected? People are corrupt? Sacrifices must be made for the common good? They are weak contenders.

If I was the writer of the show, I would restart from Season 7. But with the results we have now maybe things can be tweaked with what we have now.

What if we can make a secret season 8 episode 7?

Here is how I would roll it out.

Note that I’m just a disappointed soul - this is one way I am coping. I am also fully aware that my alternate reality below is filled with inconsistencies and breaks many Game of Thrones consistencies. I’m mending a pot that’s already broken.

Obligatory spoiler warning

It’s a story about Dany and Jon, and they both got screwed. Everyone else did all right.

Sansa? Got her kingdom by screwing over Jon.

Bran? King.

Grey Worm? It’s sad that his lady friend died, but he gets to be a full-time traveler!

We should stat with Hemingway’s one true message/sentence. The true sentence should be, “Love matters more than anything.” or “Love demands great sacrifices. And it’s worth it.”In the end, life’s all over love right? Love yourself and your fellow human beings.

If we can get Dany and Jon a proper ending, I would be able to sleep at night properly. After all, it’s a series of Song of Ice and Fire.

So the REAL ending with an extra episode would go like this.

Jon kills Dany in the heart, just like how he got stabbed in the heart. Drogon still melts the throne. Drogon flies off with Dany’s body.

To a secret location. (This is the hardest part. I don’t know how to engineer it so it makes sense. But like all things in life, I’m sure we can figure out how Jon can get Drogon to this.)

Melisandre wasn’t actually dead. She faints for a bit after the battle between the humans and whitewalkers. She is actually alive. Sir Davos assumes that she’s dead after that scene, but Jon puts a necklace back on her. Reasoning: She’s Jon’s savior! Why would you let someone who brought you back to life die like this? I think it’s in Jon’s core that he looks out for everyone at the cost of reason. If this doesn’t make sense, then perhaps we can weave in Melisandre’s secret disciple.

Drogon flies North with Dany’s body. Dany is revived by a Red Lady, with the exact same processes that brought Jon back. Dany finally understands what Jon has been through. I knowledge the flimsy logic in this. Red Lady leaves a letter to Dany from Jon. It reads something like,

“To Dany,

When I saw you on the leet dragon burning people alive, I knew I couldn’t let you take that route. I love you too much to let this happen. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I am no different. And so are you. What will become of us? I used to have a lover once, but she died by my hands because of all the fighting, fighting, and more fighting. I am sick of it. I don’t want to fight anymore. I don’t want to fight anymore. I want to be with you, just like we discussed that one day when you taught me how to ride a dragon. Except there’s only one now, so we have to share. But isn’t that what life is about?”… and so on. Details don’t matter.

Jon says that he will come for her when everything has settled, and asks that she wait for her. He knows that he’s too important to kill. Jon gives Dany a choice. She can either go back to rule the Seven Kingdoms and choose to restart her conquest. Or wait for him. Dany does some soul searching, and we can weave in some flashbacks.

Same series of things happen. Jon becomes exiled to Castle Black.

But after that, Jon goes on a scavenger hunt with Ghost and stages his exit. The official story is that the scavenger hunt goes wrong, just like how it went wrong with Robert Baratheon. Jon goes MIA, and Ghost comes back to Castle Black with some blood and Longclaw, symbolizing that he is no longer fighting. He is presumed dead. The Night’s Watch release Ghost so that he can forge his own path in the wild.

Jon comes back to the location that we saw earlier in the season when he went on a dragon ride with Dany. He sees Dany there. Jon walks up to her, gently touches the spot that he stabbed her through the heart. He places a dagger that he used to stab Dany in Dany’s hands.

Dany takes the dagger, gently runs the tip of the dagger through Jon’s heart and ultimately throws it to the ground. Dany gives him a hug and a passionate kiss.

They’re in a cave facing the outdoors and there’s a waterfall beneath them. It’s the North, so let’s say that there’s some light snow falling to the ground. In the cave facing outdoor. There’s a single fire behind them in the cave. As the fire cackles and burns, there’s an icicle that is hanging on the ceiling, and it falls into the fire. This symbolizes Jon “falling” for Dany… haha…

Dany and Jon both look at the beautiful mountain view in the North with waterfalls and stuff holding hands.

Ghost and Drogon in the background where Drogon is chasing Ghost. Or Ghost is on top of Drogon’s head XD.


P.S. After writing this, I’ve realized that I’m just a sucker for twists ¯\(ツ/¯_