Number One Thing That Coders Must Do

The number one thing that coders must do, is write a darn explanation on the top of the file describing what the code is supposed to do. Even one line is better than nothing. Even one word is better than nothing.

In a rosy petal world, everyone would have the last modified date, some possible contact information for questions, and maybe even a nice function annotation for every single function. But we don’t live in such a world.

At the very least, they should describe the abstraction that led them to create this file.

It is late at night, and I’m trying to read some Python code to work on a machine learning project. And there are no comments.

But hey, at least the person didn’t use stupid variable names like a, b, and c. So I’ll be all right.

But I was hoping for a comment at the beginning of the file and I didn’t find any. I’m a little disappointed =(.