No Time to Build'em All

I had a dream last month that something was going to change on July 2nd. I can’t put my finger on what is, but something has. I don’t know what it was, but something has changed. I’m more motivated than ever to build cool stuff. Driven to bring the ideas that do not exist yet to reality. And oh boy, I’ve been on full throttle.

I have over 60 pages of ideas that I want to make. Or even try. And I know that there are definitely a ton of duplicates as well as unrealistic, and crappy ideas. But the sad part is that no matter how many ideas there are, I won’t be able to make them all. I just don’t have the time, unless by the sheer luck of the stars I win the lottery or something…

Regardless, I want to keep up this momentum and spend much of my time creating. Building thing that could possibly improve human lives - make things more fair, and help others lead great, fulfilling lives. In order for me to do that, I need to constantly strive to be a producer, not a consumer.

When I was in high school, one of my favorite teachers, Mr. L, quoted Scott Adams(cartoonist for Dilbert). He said, “The 10% of the population carry the 90% on their shoulders.” Mr. L then said these are the people who go where no men have gone before, and bring innovation and ingenuity to society. The rest of the 90% consumer the innovations of the 10%, and kind of piggyback off the minority.

As I carry out my short life, I find this to be so true. Many of us are consumers, and we only take in what others have made for us. From games, television, and computers, we take rather than give. But I think we all have the capability within ourselves to create. But how can all of us really be more creative, and make innovative things that can benefit everyone else on a grander scale?

With the advent of online learning, and massive improvements in manufacturing and economies of scale, many of us have the ability to be these creatives. However, with those new venues comes new time sinks and sharks that will pay heavy dollars to donate our time to them.

Despite whatever resources that are available to us, many of us is still lack discipline and drive. I always wonder why some people have more drive than others, and honestly, I have no clue. It all goes back to how people can be overweight their entire life, then one day wake up, take that single step, and go on a marvelous journey.

For me, the past few days have been crazy. I’ve been making a program of my own, my own flesh idea. And I’ve finally got it to run as an application on my Mac as of 3 AM.. It’s honestly one of the best feelings in the world, when you’ve went through so many bugs and so many trials, so many unexpected gotchas, squashing countless bugs, and coming out alive.

At the end of the tunnel, I’ve come out of the ocean with most of the parts of the fish intact. I can now put it on the table. And eat it.

It feels soooo good to taste the fish. To actually build something that I know for sure going to use. And it’s stable enough to be running on the Mac(with some tuning, I’ll be using my program to do some beta testing)! What a time to be alive…

Anyhoo, cheers to a great day. I’m proud of what I’ve built, and can’t wait to build more cool shit. And share it with others.